Free online translators, a reliable product?

The need to communicate the human does not understand frontiers, and much less nowadays, when travel to remote countries is (almost) everyone. In this contextonline translators can be a wonderful help to translate instantly a phrase or an expressionnecessary to skip to step. The problem arises, as we have said on other occasions, when using this type of online translators to amend official documents, key e-mail to our business or translate our website instead of hiring a translator professional jury that ensure us quality work and reliable.

Is normal for experts who are dedicated to the translation and interpretation recelen of this type of tools and devices because literal answers can cause many misunderstandings and, moreover, never cease to be machines that feed on the artificial intelligence but who do not even understand cultural nuances. So, first thing that a professional does is study the context in which a text or conversation occurs and leads its translation function to some external aspects.

How works Google Translate

But, how the automatic translators? Although in this publication we will see more of these translators online, we will focus on the way of working of the most known and used throughout the world: Google Translate. The responsible for developing automated translation already did a few years ago that his research team had linguists and philologists. This tool, that in 2018 translates in 103 languages, works thanks to a process called ‘statistical machine translation’, which is not nothing but soak up texts modified by professional translators, i.e. by humans to act by imitation.

In addition, it saves its resources translating from any language into English and, to a third party. This way, you don’t need to find equivalences between two very disparate languages, enough with which to compare all with English, although in this way there is an increased risk of incurring inaccuracies.
More than 100 languages recognized by Google Translate, and that can translate even with characters drawn with finger user, include Amharic (spoken in Central Ethiopia), chichewa (official language of Malawi), or Haitian Creole.

Alternatives to Google Translate

Most major search engines or internet giants has careful in recent years to develop its own translator online to facilitate the understanding of its users. These are just a few examples:

  • Microsoft Translator.It works with Bing as translation engine and allows you to translate a fairly reliable accurate websites, received messages to Outlook and even PowerPoint presentations in 60 languages. Supports texts of up to 5,000 characters. It has a tool for simultaneous translation of conversations available in 11 languages.
  • Yandex Translate.The most widely used in Russia search engine translates texts of up to 10,000 characters in 95 languages with a good quality. It has a mobile app that works offline.
  • It is a tool available only through its web site. Though still has many languages available (has a total of 9 with the newly incorporated, Russian and Portuguese), stands out for the quality of its translations.

Simultaneous translation tools

Although some applications and websites that we have already mentioned so far include the function to translate conversations instantly, want to include other tools that only focus on that aspect and that can be very helpful to travel here without a dictionary under his arm or for specific meetings.

  • It is a mobile application that allows you to make instant translations of voice.It includes a ‘phrasebook’ with some 2,000 colloquial expressions, tools of learning, useful information about the country of destination or a tip calculator.
  • Google Translator.Mount View giant has an application often pre-installed on Android phones, and it allows to have a conversation with someone in another language while the device translates simultaneously.
  • Translate Voice.This application allows you to translate more than 80 languages and speaks (suggests words) at 44. Configured with the language of the main user, which can then detect voice, and is able to detect in what language the other person speaks. There is a free version with ads and another payment.

As a conclusion we can say that know and keep these tools handy is a wise decision that we can get a trouble in specific situations. However, use them when you need an official sworn translation or pass to another language a literary work, for example, is to risk incurring serious errors with hardly reparable consequences. In these cases should always attend services of a translation agency specialized, qualified professionals and guarantee of quality in their work.